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Try Loyalo System Free, no credit card required, no contracts. We offer a free loyalty program for your company. You can install the system in business of any size - on unlimited count of branches and devices. Our reward system works with unlimited count of clients without any charge.
We charge only for some additional services (listed in the Add-ons section), that will help you run your loyalty program, but they are not neccesary to introduce Loyalo System to your business.

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    Free Loyalty Program
    Offer rewards for your clients. Your clients may acumulate points and exchange them for rewards you offer.

    Unlimited Client database
    We don't limit your clients database or your clients' visits. Do you have a 100 or 10,000 clients a month? We will not charge for that.

    Unlimited Branches/Devices
    Our loyalty program works for free in a business of any size. You can install our app on as many devices and branches as you want, for free.

    Get useful information for your business: about your clients and about their habits in order to offer them even better service.

    Add-ons (optional)

    Employee management
    Track activity by employee, manage access rights.
    5 USD / month
    per employee

    Notifications Module
    Send notifications to your clients (e-mail, text, push notification) with promotions.
    20 USD / month

    Ready to turn your clients to loyal clients?

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    Your clients download Loyalo Card app that works as a mobile loyalty card, they receive their personal QR code that they scan in your business in order to identify themselves. They can also introduce their phone number or e-mail address in order to check-in at your store. The app is available on: loyalocard.com
    Loyalo System is free for a business of any size. We will not charge you for additional branches or devices you install our system on. We offer only some additional modules like Employee Management or Notification Module. These modules will help you run your loyalty program, but are not necesary to use Loyalo System in your business.
    Just download our app Loyalo System Free in your tablet or phone with Android and sign up in the app. Put products and services you want to offer as a reward for your loyal clients. Put your tablet (or phone) near the cashier or at the front desk in your business. That's it!
    No. Every business affiliated with Loyalo System runs its seperate loyalty program. Points acumulated in your business may be exchanged for rewards only in your business.
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